About Us

At ThinBlueOnline, we’re proud of our team, both are internal leadership and external experts that help to make our product the best that it can be.  Learn more about who we are, where we came from, and possibilities about joining our team below.

Our Leadership Team

ThinBlueOnline is proud of our Leadership Team, many of whom have worked together for decades. We're a tight-knit group that loves what we do.

Our Experts

In order to do what we do, ThinBlueOnline works closely with a wide group of Experts to help us provide the best possible product for you.

Our History

ThinBlueOnline has a long History of providing world-class training experiences since the 1980s. Along the way we've patented new approaches and new technologies.

Our Career Opportunities

At ThinBlueOnline we're always looking for good people that have experience in Law Enforcement, Technology, or Instructional Design. If you'd like to explore Career Opportunities with us, drop us a line!

Connect with Communities

It's not just about "policing," it's about connecting. Learn Communication and Interpersonal Skills to Build Trust and Connect with Communities.

Achieve Favorable Outcomes

Law Enforcement and other Criminal Justice Professionals can Achieve Favorable Outcomes that often require little or no Use of Force.

Communication Training

Learn Effective Communication, Interpersonal, and Social Skills through a new learning approach that is built on Practice and Feedback (with no embarrassing role plays!)