Achieve Favorable Outcomes

The vast majority of Law Enforcement encounters with the Community require no use of force.  However, resources to help officers learn how to Achieve Favorable Outcomes in these encounters has been lacking.

Favorable Outcomes can often be achieved through interpersonal connection and communication.  This includes verbal proficiency to say the right words, fluency in saying them in a way that will resonate, and highly developed listening skills to understand the state of the other person.

ThinBlueOnline trains Law Enforcement in Communication and Interpersonal Skills that allow them to more often Achieve Favorable Outcomes.

Officers with higher levels of communication and interpersonal skills entering an encounter will Achieve Favorable Outcomes more often than officers lacking in these skills.  Good Law Enforcement Officers and other Criminal Justice Professionals will begin nearly every encounter with Communication, and those that have mastered communication and interpersonal skills will resort to Use of Force less often, and often ease the conflict enough to require less force when it is unavoidable.

Connect with Communities

It's not just about "policing," it's about connecting. Learn Communication and Interpersonal Skills to Build Trust and Connect with Communities.

Communication Training

Learn Effective Communication, Interpersonal, and Social Skills through a new learning approach that is built on Practice and Feedback (with no embarrassing role plays!)