Verbal Options Simulator

The Verbal Options Simulator brings a state-of-the art approach to simulator-based training for verbal skills.  The user interface is clean and efficient and allows the officer to follow a learning path that works best based on their own learning style.  They can experiment, explore, and practice the verbal skills that are regularly required while on patrol.  Because when it comes to law enforcement, your most crucial tool is your own voice.

The Console Layout

The VOS user interface is broken into four major areas.

  • At the top is the Module Progress map, which shows your current location in the system
  • At the left is the video area, which can display role models or challenges, which require a verbal response
  • To the right is an area for text and interactive controls to appear, which can be Insights, Key Elements, scripts, video recording system, or Help
  • At the bottom is the control panel, featuring relevant Command Buttons and brief instructions that allow you to navigate the console

The Command Buttons

The buttons enable the learner to explore information in their own learning style and at their own pace.  Buttons are placed at the lower corners of the screen making them convenient for navigating on a tablet or other mobile device.  If you are using a computer, a mouse can be used to click on the buttons as well.

Here is a breakdown of the buttons based on their role within the VOS learning system.

Navigation Buttons are used to progress through the module, section to section, and from element to element within a simulated conversation.


This button advances you to the next element in training. For example, it would take you from the briefing to the very first element of the exchange in the Practice session. It then moves you sequentially from element to element in the Practice session. When on the last element of the Practice session, the NEXT button will move you to the next segment of the conversation.


This button is used to go back to a previous page or to the previous element in training. The PREVIOUS button is not available on the START page (there is nothing to go back to), nor during the Evaluation section.


When you want to jump to a very different section of the module other than the NEXT or PREVIOUS sections, use the MENU button.  This will display an outline of the entire module on the left side of the screen.  Simply click on your desired destination, and you will jump right to it.  Clicking the MENU button again will hide the outline.


This button advances you to the next segment of the conversation. The NEXT CHALLENGE button appears during the Practice session (if included in the module).


This button is used to go back to the previous segment of the conversation. The PREVIOUS CHALLENGE button appears during the Practice session (if included in the module).

Text Display Buttons are used to display various text information during Build Skills and Evaluation sections.


The INSIGHT button gives background information that explains the thinking behind each segment of the conversation, as well as the object of this training segment. Insights will be displayed by default at the beginning of each segment.


In any best case response, there are “Key Elements” of the procedure that must be included to be considered a complete and proper response. Use the KEY ELEMENTS button to display them.


When viewing a segment of a conversation, you have the ability to display a transcript of the conversation. Use the SCRIPT button to display the full script.


Pressing the RECORD button will allow you to record yourself while delivering your response to the Challenge Video. You may use this to compare your response to the best case response.


This command button provides additional guidance. On the very first page of the Module, it will display general instructions with a video that gives a brief explanation of the VOS Console. During the Practice Session, it will display general instructions about the Buttons seen on the VOS console.

Video Buttons are used to switch from “Challenge Mode” where you respond verbally, to “Role Model Mode” where you can observe simulated officers giving best-practice responses.


Pressing the VERBAL RESPONSE button will display a challenge video that you can practice responding to verbally. By default, you always enter a new segment of the exchange by viewing the Challenge Video.


If you would like to see a best practice response to the verbal challenge delivered by a simulated Officer, press the ROLE MODEL button

The Scoring Button is used in modules that feature an evaluation section.


The Evaluation process allows the evaluating officer and trainee to review the learning content including the role model and Key Elements.  The Scoring Button is used during the Evaluation Section to return to the page where scores are entered.

VOS Training. utilizes the Verbal Options Simulator (VOS) to allow Law Enforcement Officers to quickly gain verbal skills.  VOS utilizes the infinite patience and 24×7 availability of the technology to construct realistic simulations that are always there when you are ready to learn. Available on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices, you get the repetition and structure that you need to learn deeply and quickly. Just like you built proficiency with your sidearm through practice, VOS allows you to build a similar level of proficiency with your voice.  No matter which tool you are using, you don’t want to “miss” when lives are on the line.