Communication Training

The most effective way to develop new skills is through Practice and Feedback.  Our Communication Training consists of a wide range of learning modules, each based around a specific Scenario that allows critical social and verbal proficiency skills to be learned, practiced, and mastered.

Using a simulator-type technology, officers can practice in private (no embarrassing role plays!) and on common devices such as computers, laptops, tablets (no expensive specialized equipment or facilities!)

While traditional police simulators focus on “shoot/don’t shoot” decision-making and rely on surprise and unpredictability, we offer Communication Training that is designed to serve as a learning platform to facilitate the development of communication and social skills.

ThinBlueOnline helps Law Enforcement and other Criminal Justice Professionals develop and embed Communication and Interpersonal Skills through new and innovative Communication Training that incorporates Practice and Feedback.

Learning with the Module – Gaining Knowledge

Our learning modules utilize Avatar-based Videos and Text.  The Videos are perfect for visual and auditory learners, while there are also full Text Scripts available as well for those that prefer to learn by reading.  Insights and Key Elements also supplement the knowledge acquisition process.

Practicing with the Module – Embedding Behaviors

By having the learner actually work through the scenario themselves, speak the part of the officer using their own language and their own voice, multiple areas of the Brain are engaged in in the learning session conducted in a Private and Safe environment.

Mistakes in responses are expected, as these build lasting Memories in the Brain.  Repeated work to get the Language exactly right changes this knowledge into a skill and Embeds it into the brain more permanently and subject to easier recall outside of the practice environment.

Evaluation and Scoring – Making it Count

To determine if the officer now has built the Skills taught in the lesson, the evaluation system requires the learner to do a Live Demonstration of those skills in person or via a built-in Self-Recorded Video.

When learners know that they will have to demonstrate newly acquired skills there is a more intense level of attention given to the learning content.  The targeted skills are demonstrable, measurable, and verifiable.

Connect with Communities

It's not just about "policing," it's about connecting. Learn Communication and Interpersonal Skills to Build Trust and Connect with Communities.

Achieve Favorable Outcomes

Law Enforcement and other Criminal Justice Professionals can Achieve Favorable Outcomes that often require little or no Use of Force.