Communication Training for Law Enforcement to Connect with Communities and Achieve Favorable Outcomes

The way forward is for Law Enforcement to Connect with Communities they serve to establish working relationships and effective policing based on trust.

Law Enforcement and other Criminal Justice Professionals must Train to Achieve Favorable Outcomes they hope to bring about, and build highly-developed Communication and Social Skills.

A new type of Communication Training allows Law Enforcement to enhance verbal and interpersonal skills that can lead to less use of force in everyday encounters with the community. Courses are also available for other Criminal Justice Professionals, including Corrections.

Best of all, this solution is accessible today on common devices, from anywhere, at any time, and requires no up-front investment in equipment or facilities.

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Connect with Communities

It's not just about "policing," it's about connecting. Learn Communication and Interpersonal Skills to Build Trust and Connect with Communities.

Achieve Favorable Outcomes

Law Enforcement and other Criminal Justice Professionals can Achieve Favorable Outcomes that often require little or no Use of Force.

Communication Training

Learn Effective Communication, Interpersonal, and Social Skills through a new learning approach that is built on Practice and Feedback (with no embarrassing role plays!)

What Others are Saying about ThinBlueOnline

“As a Law Enforcement officer for over 28 years I have instructed thousands of officers in crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques.

ThinBlueOnline offers a much-needed approach using simulated role play based scenarios to include feedback. This allows the participant to interact and learn new approaches to an ever-evolving community.”

– Ernie Stevens
Subject of HBO’s Emmy Award Winning Documentary
Ernie and Joe: Crisis Cops